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Why Gomex?

The Government of Jamaica, through the Planning Institute of Jamaica embarked on a strategic plan geared at transforming Jamaica into a developed country by 2030. This Plan dubbed Vision 2030, viewed Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT) as a sector in its own right as well as an enabler for all other sectors, including economic, social, and environmental and governance sectors. ICT has been the main driving force in major developed economies such as China, India, The United States, Canada and the United Kingston as well as Germany.

In a fast paced, globalized environment the need for a competent work force to enable corporations and governments to compete internationally is of great interest. Many traditional institutions internationally have been producing graduates who have excellent academic standing. Gomex is of the firm belief that academic development plays an integral role in developing a new generation of problem solvers for the work force.

In practical sense employers need workers who are competent and have the skills and talents needed to effectively function in the work place. Competency based training has long been thought of as the key to provide learners with hands-on skills required for job ready learner. Competency-based learning refers to a system of instruction, assessment, grading and academic reporting that are based on the learner demonstrating an understanding and mastery of the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress. This is different from the traditional academic approach as there is more an emphasis on ensuring that learners acquiring vocational skills.

The National Council on Technical and Vocation Education and Training (NCTVET) has set an excellent program of internationally recognized competency standards. These competency standards have been providing the tourism, electrical and other sectors with competent knowledge workers. Gomex is well on the path to become an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) of the NCTVET. The NCTVET is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited organization. This accreditation ensures that the assessment and management of the National Competency based Qualifications in Jamaica are held to international standards.

CompTIA the global voice for the world’s Information Technology (IT) industry has created vendor neutral certifications to measure skills set in the area of Computer Support, Computer Networking and Computer Security. Companies such as Dell, HP, Apple and the US Department of Defence have accepted these certifications as skills validation for the holder of such certification. Gomex is a CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner. With this accreditation and partnership Gomex provides the learners with certifications in Computer Networking, Computer Security, Computer Servicing and Support, project management and Linux Administration. All these certifications are accredited by ANSI to ISO 17024 for personnel certification and training.

This combination of academic and competency based training has enabled Gomex to provide learners with academic training while acquiring competency in customer service, information and communication technology and hospitality. This approach will allow the learner to acquire an academic credential as well as competency certifications both locally and international.

The Gomex Difference

Gomex Institute of Technology is of the firm belief that students both locally and internationally deserve quality education.


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Gomex Institute of Technology
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Gomex Institute of Technology is a training institution in Jamaica that focuses on computer security training, computer forensics, network training and a host of other training programmes.


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